1. Laser cut pocket color changing service

We stock certain colors for each laser cut model, which are shown on each product page. If the stock colors don't meet your criteria, then you can change it to a color found in the chart shown below. The charge is free when ordering over 200 sets, otherwise a fixed $10/$20/$40 will be charged based on the model, but please note that the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is 50 sets. When choosing this option, please allow extra 3-5 working days for production.

2. Insert card color changing service

You're welcome to change the insert card to any of the light color options, presented in the color chart. If you need us to print on a dark color insert card then please contact us, as this will require a special silk-screen print, which will add more time and cost.

3. Matching cards

Matching cards usually share the same paper quality with our insert cards or you can choose any of the lighter colors from the color chart provided. Simply note down the color and color code (Example: Ivory Shimmer - No.010) in the "Requirements of Matching Card" box found on the product page.

4. Envelopes

Main Envelopes
 Square:6.3*6.3 inch / 160*160 mm    Rectangle:7.48*5.24 inch / 190*133 mm
E28/E29 Lvory Shimmer
$0.25 / each
E17/E18 Blush Shimmer
$0.25 / each
E12/E13 White Shimmer
$0.25 / each
E19/E20 Metallic Gold
$0.25 / each
RSVP Envelopes
 Square:4.33*4.33 inch / 160*160 mm    Rectangle:5.12*3.82 inch / 127*89 mm
E25 Ivory Shimmer
$0.1 / each
E26 Metallic Gold
$0.1 / each
E27 White Shimmer
$0.1 / each
E30 Blush Shimmer
$0.11/ each

5. Accessories

All accessories are included in the price. A $0.1/per card will be charged if you would like to change the ribbon color, however please note that ribbon color change is not available for sample orders.
Only bows have been stuck on the invitations will come packed as they are, other accessories like ribbons, keys, buckles, tags etc. are disassembled with the invitations for shipping convenience and so that they won't damage the card during transit. Therefore they will need to be assembled by you, the customer.

6. Printing service

(1) Digital printing
A free digital printing service is provided for all dealers. The free digital printing service includes complete wording on invitations and matching cards.
There are two options when choosing digital printing.
A. Choose "Yes, my own design sent later by email" for printing found in the product page. After placing the order, email us the designed wording layout in jpg or psd files (color mode CMYK and Resolution 300). Then we can produce a direct print from your artwork. Once all the order information has been confirmed it will take around 7-10 working days for processing and shipping.
B. Choose “Yes, only text for you to do the layout” Complete the wording for invitations and choose from the available fonts and ink colors from our website:
/invitation_wording_fonts.html after we receive and confirm all the information needed for print from your order, we'll design the wording layout and send the e-proofs for you to preview and confirm, this will take 3 working days from confirmation of your order. You must carefully proofread the text and let us know if any changes needed. You are allowed 2 free rounds of revision, any additional changes after that will cost $7.00 per round. Once e-proofs have been confirmed, it takes about 7-10 working days for processing and shipping.

(2) Foil printing
≤Half area : $40/order
Full area: $80/order
It will take extra 2-3 work days for foil printing.