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Accessories & Gifts
Note: There are slight differences in color and size between
different production batches. Below 1mm is not considered
an error.

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Order Loose Samples


1. Please type in the product code of the style you wish to order, such as WPL0001, WRL0001, WBC0001. We offer free samples but this does exclude the delivery charge.
2. Only up to three free samples orders are allowed each month.
3. Samples are only available in each style’s stock colors.
4. If you require a non-stock color, then a $10-30 charge will be requested per color.
5. If you require a custom-made sample , please feel free to contact us.


5 Sets of UV Printing Sample Kit: A floral design on ivory shimmer paper, white Ink on black paper, lace and navy Ink on white paper, gold ink on white shimmer paper, a floral design onto translucent paper.

15 Sets of Digital Printing Sample Kit: FL1, FL2, FL3, GC1, LS6, LS8, MN1, MN2, OT1, SC1, SC2, WZ1, WZ2, WZ3, XV1

2 Colors Letterpress Samples: Black / Brown

10 Colors Paper Samples: Glitter Paper: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Champagne, Black, Hot Pink; Mirror Paper: Gold, Silver, Champagne, Light Ecru

A Wax Seal Sample Kit: WWS01-2 (Heart Shape) + WWS02-13(Silver) 14(Bronze) 20(Rose Gold)

Accessories & Tools:


Type in the style code of the invitation that you want to order, such as WPL0001.
Please write down the pocket colors or insert card colors if one style exists more than one color. Otherwise we will send you the most popular suite.
We offer 10 free samples for you by paying for shipping fee only.
Samples are only available in each style's stock colors.
If you require a non-stock color, then a $10-30 charge will be requested for 2 copies per color.

Samples will be provided as laser cut pockets only, if need invitations or other items pls select below related kits.