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Note: There are slight differences in color and size between
different production batches. Below 1mm is not considered
an error.

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The 2020 New Loose Samples Package

Loose Samples Package  

5 Sets of UV Printing Sample Kit: A floral design on ivory shimmer paper, white Ink on black paper, lace and navy Ink on white paper, gold ink on white shimmer paper, a floral design onto translucent paper.

15 Sets of Digital Printing Sample Kit: FL1, FL2, FL3, GC1, LS6, LS8, MN1, MN2, OT1, SC1, SC2, WZ1, WZ2, WZ3, XV1

2 Colors Letterpress Samples: Black / Brown

10 Colors Paper Samples: Glitter Paper: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Champagne, Black, Hot Pink; Mirror Paper: Gold, Silver, Champagne, Light Ecru

A Wax Seal Sample Kit: WWS01-2 (Heart Shape) + WWS02-13(Silver) 14(Bronze) 20(Rose Gold)

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$ 160.00

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2020 Loose Sample Package
Includes more than 60 kinds of our popular invitation samples.
Compared to the previous version, we made a lot of improvements in this version. We have made significant improvements since last years' loose sample package.
1.Hottest styles of ‘Ready-to-go invitations’and popular styles of special printing, such as UV printing and foil printing are included
2.New updated price list and matched products labels
3.New invitation designs with matched templates
A small amount of inventory, welcome to order.
More info, please contact us at service@janicepaper.com