2021-06-17 04:06:34

Get 3 inspirational ideas for acrylic invitations

based on different budgets
Wedding invitations are a lot like houses: the more bells and whistles you want, the higher the price tag is going to be, especially for more refined brides who are tend to choose some unique material like acrylic invitation as their wedding invitations. Unfortunately, due to higher price and extra postage, many brides must choose a different invitations as a replacement; even if they really like them. Fortunately, our 1mm/.04" acrylic invitation will to a large extent, solve these problems for many brides. Now as a seller, you can share with them different options to meet their needs, wants and desires, for a much friendlier cost. Here are 3 matches from Janice Paper to you get some inspirational ideas.

Combo A Simple Style with Envelopes

A simple but very popular way to match your acrylic wedding invites is with an envelope. 1mm/.04" acrylic invitation means it's so thin and flexible that it can be put into not only our thick envelope (250GSM/90lb) but also our thin envelope (120GSM/44lb) which is more affordable. We are confident that they will not break when mailed and the postage is the same as laser cut invitations, which cost $.70 to $.90 per set.

Combo B Elegant Style with Pocket

1mm/.04" acrylic invitation paired with a laser cut pocket or plain pocket is a great idea for brides who want to add something special to their wedding invitation. Add a beautiful ribbon or belly band to make it more special for a small cost with a big impact.

Combo C Gorgeous Style with Vellum Wrap

Using the same printed design or same color on vellum paper and acrylic invitation is so gorgeous and coordinate so perfectly. Choosing 1mm/.04" acrylic will make this set affordable with the beautiful wrap that can be wrapped with belly band or sealed with a wax stamp. All great choices for your brides.