About Cotton Paper Invitation

What is Cotton Paper?

Cotton paper, also known as rag paper or rag stock paper, is made using a cotton linter or cotton from used cloth (rags) as the primary material. Important documents are often printed on cotton paper, because it is known to last many years without deterioration. Cotton paper is superior in both strength and durability to wood pulp-based paper, which may contain high concentrations of acids, and also absorbs ink or toner better. Different grades of cotton paper can be produced.

What Kind of Cotton Paper Do We Have?

Currently we are providing four thicknesses for the cotton paper: 300GSM, 450GSM, 600GSM and 800GSM.

What Can We Print on Cotton Paper?

We provide 4 different printing methods on the cotton paper: Letterpress, Foil Printing, Digital Printing and Embossing.
*We can only use digital on 300GSM cotton paper as the thicker ones will not work with that printing machine

There is no doubt that we can do more than one printing on cotton paper, here are 3 examples for you.