What is Vellum Paper?

First off, let's cut out any confusion: This article refers to modern, plant-based vellum, a paper that goes by many names. Besides vellum, it may be referred to as tracing paper, see-through paper, transparent paper and translucent paper.

Whatever you call it, it all refers to smooth, delicate paper you can see through. It comes in many colors, weights, brands and even textures. It's unique, versatile and has endless uses in the stationery, paper-craft, packaging and design world.

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What is Vellum Made Of?

Short answer: Vellum is made of cellulose fibers (plants, trees). 
Historically, vellum was made by stretching calf skin over a wooden frame and processing it in preparation for writing. Though animal-based vellum is still manufactured today, it is a very time consuming and expensive process, leaving modern vellum to be made by machine with cellulose fibers. 

What Does Vellum Look & Feel Like?

Vellum paper looks like frosted glass. Shown here, it's not crystal clear, but certainly see-through.
Vellum has a super smooth, almost plastic-like finish. It's delicate yet durable, standing up to writing, printing, cutting, scoring and gluing.

And Sizes! How Convenient.

Vellum is offered in a variety of standard, convenient cut sizes. From small 5×3.5" vellum to full size 5×7" and a collection of popular sizes in between, whatever your trade, we've got you covered.

And Styles. . .

Within this colorful colors, you'll find quality vellum from Janicepaper. Choose from a translucent vellum.
Use it as an Overlay or Wrap. The appeal of vellum not only its transparency, but also in its versatility. Due to its sheer nature, vellum makes an stunning invitation wrap or overlay, as invitation details are just slightly by this delicate, light-weight paper.

Or Why Not Print Right on It?

If you prefer a sharper look, why not print directly on vellum? Vellum makes a great top layer on invitations, stay the date and more. Print text, photos on vellum paper, and let the beauty of the paper beneath shine through. Vellum also makes a stylish insert inside a folding card.


Vellum (FAQs)

Can you print color on vellum?

Sure! So long as your specific printer produces sharp, clear results on the vellum you are trying to print, whether your printed design is full color or black and white, it will not make a difference.

Is vellum paper the same thing as "see-through" paper?

Translucent vellum paper is indeed "see-through". It has the appearance of frosted glass and is very often used in wedding programs and invitations. For those who do not know its proper name, it is often referred to as "see-through paper", "see-thru paper", and "semi-transparent paper", so it is very likely that vellum paper is what your friend was referring to.

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