2023-03-28 04:56:51
2023-03-28 04:56:51

Your big day is coming up and along with plenty of other things on your wedding planning checklist you have to send out invitations. Especially take a lot for your invitations in particular to stand out or to not be lost or forgotten in a pile of event invitations.
A great way to ensure your wedding is as memorable as possible is through luxury velvet wedding invitations. A velvet wedding invitation lets your guests literally feel the effort and dedication you're putting into every last detail of your big day.

We certainly don't want velvet wedding invitations to be the exception.

This stock has a unique sheen stock with a soft and velvety texture. It is a heavier weight card stock that is 40% denser than most shimmer paper.

Your guests won't want to stop running their fingers over this paper stock once they get their hands on it.

Want to add some extra specialties
to your velvet wedding invitation cards?

Beyond material, these velvet wedding invitations can be produced in a variety of colors, from classic black velvet wedding invitations to deep red velvet wedding invitations.
If you're looking for something extra or have any questions, at any point in the ordering process, contact us and we'll be sure you help you out with anything you need.

Looking to add to the luxury of your velvet wedding cards?

In the interest of your velvet wedding cards fitting your imagination we are happy to let you know that with our Wedding Printing Services you can print in full color on either the front only or both the front and back.

So whether you're going for green velvet wedding invitations, white velvet wedding invitations, or even velvet and gold wedding invitations, all of your needs can be met with our foil printers.

Or,make it match

Naturally, velvet wedding cards already come with the added specialty of velvet lamination, but your options for specialties certainly don't end there. For any and all of these specialties, please let us know about your interest through a custom quote.