2024-02-23 02:36:42
2024-02-23 02:36:42
How to Mail Acrylic Wedding Invitations

As we all now know,1mm/.04'' acrylic invitations are as thin as our laser cut invitations so there is no need to pay extra for postage when mailing them out. The mailing process seems pretty straightforward then, right? Not so fast…there are a few important things to remember before sending them out. Here are step-by-step instructions to following to show you how to mail your 1mm/.04''acrylic invitations properly.

Step 1. Stamp and address RSVP card envelopes if possible.

Most brides will prepare RSVP cards for their guests, while some will not. If you are the former one, it is a kind gesture to hand address the response card envelopes with your return address or use labels. Your chances of guests returning them in a timely manner are greater if you also stamp them so it is easier for your guests to send them back to you.

Step 2. Stuff the envelopes with your 1mm/.04'' acrylic invitations suite.

Do you know how to arrange all the different pieces before putting them into the mailing envelope? Don't worry; you can use the picture below to find out the best way to do that.

Tip: If you purchase a folding wedding invitation, place enclosure cards face-up inside the fold over your wedding invitation wording.

Step 3. Weigh a stuffed envelope at the post office.

Have one ensemble stuffed envelope weighed so that you know exactly how much postage you need. 1mm/acrylic invitation is so thin they can be mailed for the cost of a wedding stamp (75¢ per 2 oz). However, if you choose a uniquely shaped invitation (square, for example) or if you upgrade to a thicker paper, you may surpass the weight limit per stamp.

Step 4. Stamp them!

Prepare some pretty stamps for mailing those beautiful acrylic wedding invitations. You can get them from the post office or get some customized ones. Whichever way you go, be sure to order enough stamps for your invitations and response cards.

Step 5. Drop them in the mail.

Send your invitation six to eight weeks prior to your wedding date, or 10-12 weeks for a destination wedding.

If you're choosing our 2mm/.08'' or 3mm/.12'' acrylic option, be prepared to spend a bit more on mailing costs to ensure your invitations arrive intact. You can also choose special mailing boxes or padded envelopes when sending these out.

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