How Do We Print On Acrylic Invitation at JP?
What can we do on acrylic invitation ?
What should you do if you want printing on acrylic invitation with JP?


Q1: Can I change the ink color if I use your design?

A1:If you choose UV printing with multiple colors of floral or greenery designs, changing the ink color of design is not available, but you can change the ink color and fonts of just wording.

A1:If you choose screen printing designs, changing ink colors is available, now we have five colors(Black, Gold White, Silver, Rose Gold) for you to choose from.

Q2:If my brides have two versions of wording, could you do it for me?

A2: yes, we can do it for you, please email the two versions of wording for us, we will do e-proof for your confirmation.

Q3:If I want a design with multiple colors, what kind of design should I choose?

A3:UV printing with multiple colors is perfect for acrylic invitations. Screen printing and foil printing is only for single color designs.

Q4:Can I print the design of acrylic invitation on RSVP card?

A4: Yes, we can do it for you. You can send the file to us, we can print for you.

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