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A guide to the size of the Acrylic Wedding Signs
Large or small, landscape or portrait, there's a perfect sign for that—available for any elegant

Recommended for 36" x 24", 24" x 16", and 18" x 12".

More space means higher visibility for things like a welcome sign, seating chart or direction sign, and more.

Give guests a unique greeting at your venue. These also make a lovely keepsake for after the wedding day too.

We'll lay out your guests' names for you by table or alphabetical order--and print them for FREE.
Guests for advice:
-16x24" : 50 Guests Max
-24x36" : 200 Guests Max
-TWO 24x36": 400 Guests Max
(We recommend 2 signs if you have moe than 200 guests)

An effortless way to guide guests to your ceremony or reception.

Recommended for 36" x 24"

A modern, versatile display with Hanging Stand, you could also decorate some flowers and balloons.

Recommended for 8" x 10"

Choose a small format for the favor table, in loving memory, bar menu, #YOURHASHTAG and more.

Recommended for 5" x 7"

A beautiful addition to the dinner tables!