2024-02-23 00:57:07
2024-02-23 00:57:07

3 Thickness Of Acrylic Invitation

We provide acrylic invitations in 3 thicknesses, which are 1mm/.04" 2mm/.08" and 3mm/.12"

Material & Thickness

Texture & Thickness

1mm/.04" acrylic invitation is easy to bend, which is so flexible that it will not break when mailing.
2mm/.08" & 3mm/.12" acrylic invitation are hard to be bend.

Weight & Postage

1mm/.04" acrylic invitation only weighs 22g which equals to a set of laser cut invitation, so it is easy to be mailed.
And, if you indeed love our acrylic invitations but a little worry about the quality, you can order one sample of acrylic cards and envelopes from our website to check. Here is the link: http://www.janicepaper.com/custom-and-samples-c-69_95/

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