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4 Wedding Ideas You Can Do with Vellum Paper
Vellum Paper for Wedding Invitations – So Many Options, So Many Creative Ideas…

When asking why vellum wedding invitations are very "in" this year? We can answer clearly; Translucent vellum paper has a soft, dreamy transparency, looks super chic printed or plain, and is incredibly versatile. What's not to love?
If you want to create vellum wedding invitations, you're in the right place. We offer top quality, trending vellum in light and heavy weights, in a slew of sizes, and a verity of vellum printing services.
 Vellum paper collections

Lightweight Translucent Vellum Cardstock

– 180GSM/66lb White Matte
– 180GSM/66lb Gold Shimmer
– 180GSM/66lb White Shimmer

Heavyweight Translucent Vellum Cardstock

– 220GSM/81lb White Matte

 Vellum Wedding Invitation Ideas

Now that you understand our vellum paper. Here are some creative vellum invitation inspirational ideas for you!

 Vellum Invitation Wrap

Lightweight vellum is so suitable for creating vellum wraps and jackets. Not only does a wrap keep your invitation ensemble neatly tucked inside of your envelope, it's also just plain pretty. Besides, you can print some floral and greenery design on them which is so fresh. Wrapping them around the front and securing them with ribbon, seals or adhesives is also a very clever idea.

 Printed Vellum Overlay

If you are to print directly on the vellum for an overlay it creates a sharper, bolder look. Your wording will pop while still allowing the design or photo below to peek through. Printed overlays are perfect for placing over engagement photos like shown here.

 Vellum Invitation Belly Band

The vellum belly band is a lighter, more streamlined idea for invitations. Using a mirror paper as a backer behind or adding a little tag on it looks so special. The band shown here has been personalized, and looks extra customized just for you!

 Vellum Invitation Cards

A very simple way to incorporate vellum into your invitations is to have the printing done right on it, leaving you with chic, modern, translucent invitation cards that is ever so romantic. Generally, we can do digital printing and foil printing on Lightweight Translucent Vellum paper(180GSM/66lb). While doing UV printing, we would choose 220gsm/81lb as our best option, to ensure the best printing effect.

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