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3 Reasons to Choose Acrylic Wedding Invitations of Only
Why are so many of our dealers choosing the 1mm/.04" thick acrylic invitations for their brides? To answer this question, we will run through the top three reasons our dealers will tend to pick 1mm/.04"thickness acrylic invitations for their brides.
  Competitive Price

One thing we believe is that your brides deserve to have a beautiful, meaningful wedding no matter what budget she is working with. Share with your brides this popular yet affordable invitation.

Size Thickness Printing Method Ink Color Price(100 Pieces)
127 x 178mm (5x7")
150 x 150mm (5.9x5.9")
1mm/.04" UV Printing
Screen Printing
All colors
(UV Printing)
$193(Better Value)
2mm/.08" Black /Gold /White Silver/Rose Gold (Screen printing) $290
3mm/.12" $350

  Affordable Postage

There is no doubt that acrylic wedding invitations are so popular this year, but many brides may not choose them as their wedding invitations due to the high cost of mailing them to their guests. If you choose 1mm/.04"acrylic invitations there is no need to worry about the extra cost for Postage. We have tested the prices for you. See details below.

Invitation Laser-cut Invitation 1mm/.04" Acrylic 2mm/.08" Acrylic
Weight 22g 22g 55g
Postage $.70-$.90/set $.70-$.90/set $2-$3/set

Thickness Weight

  Flexible Coordinating ideas

Not only do 1mm acrylic invitations just weigh 22g each, which makes it lighter and less expensive to mail compared with 2mm and 3mm, it's thinner to make it nicer for wrapping inside a beautiful laser cut pocket or suitable envelope to protect it and give it even more magic.

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