VIP discount
Annual total sales amount will be calculated at the beginning of each year and the coupon code will be sent to you then.
The discount coupon will be valid for 1 year and your sales amoutnt will be reassessed the next year.
You are required to apply the coupon code when ordering. If not, Janice Paper will not take the responsibility and will not refund the balance.
Product album/Loose sample package
Existing VIP dealers with annual sales amount over $5,000, who had old product albums, will be receiving new ones which will be shipped together with your orders.
With annual sales amount between $2-5k, you are able to purchase a new one at the price of $50.
If you would like to purchase more than 1 album, each additional one will be charged $50.
Samples Custom Service
As one of our super VIPs, you are able to customize samples with your own designs, including flat invitation samples, acrylic invitation samples and pocket samples.
Here are the rules.
Three different codes and a specific website link will be sent to you and each code will be valid limited times based on your sales amount.
This service only works for digitally printed or UV printed flat invitation samples, UV printed acrylic invitation samples and pocket samples with no new molds needed.
Fancy-shaped samples are not available.