2022-10-07 21:34:30
2022-10-07 21:34:30
VIP discount
Once the annual order amount meets the required level, corresponding VIP discount coupon will be sent to you.
Annual total will be calculated at the beginning of each year and coupon code will be sent to you at that time.
The validation of the discount coupon is 1 year and will be reassessed for the next year.
Coupon code needs to be applied when ordering, if forgotten, Janice Paper will not be responsible and will not refund the balance.
Product album/Loose sample package
For existing VIP dealers with an annual amount is over $5,000, who have an old album, you will be receiving a new album that will be sent with your formal order
If annual your order amount is between $2-5k, you can purchase a new one for $50
If you would like to purchase more than 1 album, please pay $50 each additional one.
Exclusive new laser cut styles
New laser cut styles will be developed every year and will be exclusive to VIP customers for a whole year.
Feedback, pictures or videos and comments will be required after receiving the new styles.